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Linde Poole Life Coach

Linda is a native Oregonian who has lived most of her life on the Oregon Coast and currently resides in Seaside, Oregon.

Her parents started a land mark business in 1961. From it's inception working along side her parents, she was offered many opportunities to learn the value of excellent service, quality and the necessity of hard work.

After 30 years in the food and retail industry, Linda decided to leave the beautiful Oregon Coast and move to Portland to obtain a degree in Behavioral Science. After she earned her degree she volunteered for many worthwhile agencies that taught her compassion, showed her strength and courage at many different levels.

Linda realized that her true passion was working with people one on one and helping them navigate through difficult times. She learned the importance of self-care and how difficult it is to maintain balance during the hardest of times when we need it the most.

It is often the difficult times that offer us opportunities for personal growth if we can see the opportunity and find the gift within the experience.

I love being close to the majestic Pacific Ocean and its beaches, hiking the incredible trails our area offers and observing nature from our wetlands, meadows, rivers and streams. I incorporate this love of nature into my coaching because from my own experience I know nature will contribute greatly to the healing and empowerment process.

Linda's passion is self-care. Helping individuals restore, rejuvenate, regroup or redirect themselves through self-care. Within each of us is the power to create our own life and to be our own personal guide.


Linda Poole, author

Linda Poole, author

"A Life Cut Short - My Story" is told three decades later by a mother who has traveled a journey that no one wishes to go on. It is the true story of a family and a young boy, about the love that was his to carry with him, from his precious time given to his family. Linda tells her own story of challenges and change, love and triumphs.

It is often the difficult times that offer us opportunities of personal growth if we can see the opportunity and find the gift within the experience. - Linda Poole

Book A Life Cut Short - My Story

A Life Cut Short - My Story

Soft Cover Book
30 pages
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Linda Poole, Life Coach

Creating balance from the inside out...

Are you feeling over-whelmed, stressed or lacking confidence to move forward? Is your life out of balance? Is your train off the track so to speak? Would you like more time for yourself?


Sometimes all it takes is someone to listen, offer support and be accountable to. What is at the top of your list…weight loss, an exercise program, developing a talent? If you can’t quite get to it on your own I will help you set and attain your goals.

Nature Walks/Hikes

Getting out in nature is a very therapeutic and a great way to regroup, to reconnect with our inner self. Being in nature provides the perfect setting. Some activities can include meditation, journaling, photography, or simply feeling all of the beauty the outdoors.


Linda has taught a De-cluttering classes at Clatsop Community College and is available for seminars, workshops and private classes.